Easytop Environmental Services

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    About project

    In 2011 won a Easytop LTD performing removal and cleansing compound Dun ex. Land area in Petah Tikva intended high-rise residential buildings purchased by Tidhar .

    After characterization and delineation of infection received a Aizitof the cleansing actions and emergency treatment goals ground. In the course of carrying out extensive excavation site, identified a number of areas of pollution -contaminated .

    A team of experts of Easytop LTD performed monitoring activities and emergency pollution levels with an emphasis on implementation and compliance with the procedures of the Ministry and the other with understanding customer needs and providing appropriate professional solutions and quick .

    Easytop LTD working day utilizing its extensive experience in providing a total solution to its customers , from the characterization (land survey) , inspection , excavation area , sorting, professional , great transport system ground edge solutions for the treatment or landfill prices in the country.

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