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    Asbestos surveyor
    Advice and risk assessment in asbestos boards for private bodies, public institutions and industrial buildings by a licensed asbestos surveyor.
    Asbestos-cement boards are currently permitted for use, as long as no unusual alteration is made to them that includes drilling, polishing, aggressive sawing or any additional work that has led to the decomposition of the material. These tablets are approved for use when properly cared for and do not pose a hazard. However, an asbestos reviewer should be hired who will perform a laboratory test once a year to assess the percentage of abnormality if found and order further asbestos treatment.
    In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the level of demand for asbestos dismantling and removal of the boards which are in the process of disintegration to licensed asbestos landfill sites. This process causes the dispersal of toxic fibers of asbestos-cement which pose a huge health hazard and cause irreversible damage to the human body. In order to carry out the dismantling and controlled removal of asbestos boards, an expert and certified company must be ordered by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in whose field an asbestos surveyor will assess the risks, supervise the work and perform an orderly sampling of the materials in the field.

    The reviewer’s review process
    The asbestos surveyor’s inspection will include a detailed report which will review the following details:
    Checking the integrity of the structure.
    General view including photographs of the existing structure.
    Locating parts of the structure made of asbestos and their integrity.
    Locating parts that are in the process of disintegration including photographs.
    Recommendations for further work.
    Isotope is a professional and certified company for the provision of services in the field of asbestos by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The company holds an asbestos surveyor on its behalf who is qualified and authorized to submit a risk assessment report for buildings in which asbestos is found.


    Dismantling asbestos
    Dismantling, removal and burial services for roofs, pipes, structures and asbestos products. Get professional advice from an asbestos surveyor.
    Asbestos fibers are released when there is disintegration and disintegration of asbestos-cement boards, which is a safety and health hazard for all those around. Asbestos fibers are fibers with an invisible presence but when released they cause serious respiratory diseases and irreversible damage to the body. In cases of fire or collapse of old roofs containing asbestos-cement, the possibility of fiber dispersal increases, which intensifies the presence of danger. In order to disassemble this material correctly one must get the services of an asbestos surveyor – an expert who will prepare a detailed report on all the required work steps and guide the team on further treatment in the field of asbestos.


    Burying asbestos
    Asbestos cement and brittle landfill services at designated waste sites in accordance with all the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
    The high toxicity of the asbestos dust created as a result of the disintegration of the boards causes ecological damage and poses a huge danger to the people staying in the presence of the boards which are not treated properly. In 2011, laws were enacted to prevent asbestos hazards and asbestos-cement dust that teach asbestos treatment, dismantling of crumbling slabs and a ban on the use of asbestos in new construction.
    In order to enable these operations, it is necessary to properly evacuate asbestos to designated landfill sites when the evacuation operation is necessary and requires appropriate care that meets the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Landfills are spread throughout the country to receive the dismantled asbestos boards as part of a complete process of treatment with this material.


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