Wastewater and sludge treatment

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Wastewater is a general name for used and contaminated water. Wastewater contains solids, dissolved contaminants and suspended matter. The process of wastewater treatment is a natural one. The solids settle and microbial colonies decompose the organic matter. This process is long, and is accompanied by a release of a smelly gas. Orderly wastewater treatment is designed to speed up the natural process without creating odor nuisance.

The sludge is a solid organic matter, which results from settler solids in wastewater treatment ponds and from the microorganisms, which decomposed the organic matter in the water. 

Easytop offers the following services for wastewater and sludge treatment:

* Transporting sludge all over the country for biological treatment

* Sludge pumping by a robot

* Sludge solidification

* Environmental friendly technologies for sludge treatment