Soil surveys

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Following up the historical survey on a site, when the place shows signs of a potential contamination, a soil survey is performed.

The soil survey begins with a physical examination of the site area and a preparation of a certified sampling plan according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection protocol. 

Then, the soil (and the soil gas, if necessary) is sampled and transported to a certified laboratory for analysis and determination of the contaminants’ concentrations in the soil.

The results of the analysis make it possible to determine the most contaminated spots, according to the screening levels for the relevant land use and distance from the groundwater, and additional sampling is performed to estimate the amount of soil, which needs treatment.

When the final soil survey report is handed in, the needed treatment is planned and carried out. Easytop and its extensions perform soil surveys to determine the soil contaminants and their characteristics, including soil gas analysis, historical surveys and detailed reports.