Soil gas survey

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Easytop and its extensions perform soil gas surveys for the detection of VOC, MTBE, DIPE, TAME, TBA and ethanol and determination of the soil gas contaminants.

Soil gas is gas, which is located amongst the soil particles in the unsaturated zone. This gas can contain oxygen, nitrogen, carbon di-oxide and water vapor, along with other volatile contaminants, which can make their way to the surface and into buildings nearby. The main contaminants are radon and methane. 

When looking into the soil gas, two factors are taken into consideration:

Permeability- the soil’s capacity to conduct fluids. The smaller the particles- the lower the permeability. 

Moisture content- the percent of the volume of voids in the soil that is filled with water. Fluid presence limits the movement of contaminant vapor, hence soil sampling after rain will give a false negative.

When there is a possibility for soil gas contamination, a soil gas survey is needed, and can be accomplished by two methods:

Passive sampling- sampling by an absorbing material, such as cellulose fibers. This method doesn’t show the volume of gas collected per an amount of time.

Active sampling- the sample is extracted through soil exploration.