Sea and beach purification

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Marine contamination is defined as an insertion of materials or energy by humans into the marine environment and has hazardous consequences. Such contaminations can harm the flora and fauna, the marine activity (e.g. fishing), interfere with the different uses of seawater (e.g. aquaculture and swimming) and can even cause health damages to people. 

The main pollutants:

* Oils and petroleum- the Mediterranean Sea is used for transporting about 40% of the world’s crude oil. As a result of breakdowns, offshore accidents and offshore oil drilling, there are oil and petroleum leaks from the ships. 

*Wastewater- wastewater from different industries and domestic partly purified wastewater account for the main and worst source of pollution in the Middle East. Every year, about 430000 tons of toxic waste flows into the Mediterranean. 

Easytop offers sea and beaches purification services.