Purification, Excavation and Transport of Contaminated Soil

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The Easytop Company carries out excavations at contaminated ground sites all over the country and uses professional equipment that facilitates the excavation of contaminated ground, while avoiding excavating clean soil and damaging underground infrastructure. The Company has extensive experience in running large and complex projects involving the excavation of large quantities of soil at sites with low accessibility to equipment and crucial underground infrastructure deployed in high density configurations.

After excavation of the soil, Easytop frequently carries out treatments on the heaps of soil at the site in order to reduce the concentration of contaminants to below the threshold values, which enable the soil to be replaced into its source or interned at a dumping site for lower rated contaminated soil than the local ground. This manner of action saves a great deal of money for the Company’s clients who avoid interning the soil at expensive hazmat dumping sites and expensive transport of the soil to a remote dumping site.

Should it not be possible to provide a treatment that will restore the contaminated soil to a state that enables its replacement into its natural source, Easytop transports soil to dumping grounds all over the country, by means of a broad based transport array composed of many transport companies that operate on a regular basis with our Company. The Company transports contaminated soil to end solutions and even operates a site for the biological treatment at the Ef-eh landfill site where the Company offers its own end solution.