Demolition, removal and recycling services for construction, industrial and hazardous waste

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As a part of its services, Easytop provides building demolition by advanced engineering tools, and employs a professionally trained staff, which performs the job according to the instructions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In addition, the company provides crushing and screening of the waste in-situ, removal of construction waste to authorized sites and waste recyclin.

The company has a vast experience in building demolition and it employs experienced teams in the field.

Easytop works with engineering plans and executes various projects in the demolition, recycling and restoration of waste sites.

The work is done on a high professional level, high precision level and the highest level of safety, while complying with the Environmental Protection demands regarding dust and noise, as well as recycling.

The work includes professional guidance, ranging from historical surveys to excavations and waste removal to authorized site.

Easytop offers its clients a full and unique arsenal of contamination solutions.

The company has a special transport system all over the country for all types of waste: construction, industrial and hazardous waste.