Easytop Environmental Services

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    Ecological and environmental Assessment

    Ecology in planning
    The integration of environmental aspects in planning enables the sustainability and high quality of both the environment and social and economic development. At Easytop, technological solutions for the environment, experienced professionals are integrated into the planning and execution teams, in order to promote responsible and sustainable development.
    Easytop provides professional service in various planning stages such as community planning, master plans, master plans (inclusive and detailed), construction in open areas, analysis of alternatives, ecological value examination, environmental programming examination and disturbance to ecological corridors.

    Ecology in execution
    A combination of knowledge and experience in the fields of the environment allows Easytop to collect and analyze data in order to quantify and estimate complex environmental variables.
    Easytop conducts live and plant surveys, invasive plant surveys, sanitary hazard surveys, geological surveys and tree surveys. At Easytop, it is possible to perform advanced analysis of forecast models for risk assessment for wild populations, and analysis of processes of environmental system services. Easytop has experience in environmental licensing and coordination with bodies such as the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Nature and Parks Authority, spatial environmental units and municipalities.

    Ecology in education
    Easytop’s staff have rich experience and knowledge in providing environmental awareness, and transferring ecological knowledge at all levels of education. In particular, Easytop has experience in transferring educational programs in the periphery (spatial and cultural), such as settlements in the Gaza Strip, schools in the Bedouin sector and localities along Highway 90.
    Easytop employees have delivered curricula to elementary, high schools, educational and community institutions, experimental programs in scientific research, curricula for environmental studies for teachers, and courses for university students.

    Ecology services
    Easytop provides a range of ecology services in advanced technologies working in factories, industrial companies, institutions and businesses nationwide.
    Easytop has many years of rich experience in providing environmental services and diverse ecology services, including the purification of contaminated soils, sludge and sewage, recycling and landfilling of all types, treatment of hazardous materials, sea and river pollution and more.

    Green technologies for industry
    Easytop and its affiliates market and import environmentally friendly “green” technologies.
    Import and marketing of washers for garages and factories.
    The company markets the “green garage” – a variety of products and cleaning products without hazardous solvents, intended for professionals in the field of car garages. Based on biotope technologies.
    Easytop imports and markets PRP – an environmentally friendly substance that absorbs oils and fuels, and is intended for the treatment of marine and lake pollution.

    Oil and fuel absorbers – OilSponge
    Oil Sponge is an amazing product that uses technology used by companies, industries and large corporations in the treatment of spilled oil and oil.
    Leaving oil or fuel spilled for evaporation harms the environment, the Ministry of Environmental Protection claims. These substances which are not absorbed pose a risk of contamination of water sources and harm to the environment. Every factory, garage or household has to deal sometimes with spilled fuel or oil. Sometimes paper towels, cat sand or cleaning sand are used. These substances are then sent to the garbage and harm the environment.
    Oil sponge has been used by rescue and firefighting forces for years. Now it is also sold to industry and households so that everyone can enjoy this special material. No matter how careful you are, accidents always happen. When fuel is spilled in the garage it is almost impossible to get rid of the odor. The smell can stay there for years. Nowadays with oil pong the odor problem can be solved in a simple and easy way
    Oil Sponge Products

    How It Works?
    Oil sponge is an absorbent biological treatment material made from 100% recycled material. The material contains a combination of cotton stalks or membranes of charcoal shells. Oil absorption increases when microbes eat the combination of oil and substance. The substance becomes water and carbon dioxide free of carbon. This is bioremediation.
    Sprinkle the powder over the oil or fuel stain until it is completely covered. Let the material run for about 7 minutes. Next, take a hard broom and run over the material several times to make sure that as much material as possible is in contact with the oil. Now gather the material. You can throw it in the trash, put it in a planter or put it back for reuse.
    Replacing or adding the oil can lead to the formation of spilled oil stains. Instead of using cat litter or paper towels to absorb the oil, oil sponge will not only remove the dirt, but will completely absorb it. The tiny microbes will then be able to absorb the hazardous substance and turn it into water and carbon dioxide.

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