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Easytop Ecology provides environmental services and commissions vital technological projects and solutions in the field of environmental protection, including the restoration of contaminated ground.

The Company provides engineering services for the overseeing and removal of contaminated soil from contaminated sites and areas, as well as on site (in situ) or off site (ex situ) handling of contaminated soil by means of biological treatment, removal and interning of waste, removal of sludge, pumping services, and ground surveys.

Our Research & Development Dept. exists in order to develop and implement solutions in the field of effluent and solid waste, and stabilizing toxic waste for internment. Easytop offers expert accompaniment and consultation for the preparation of environmental risk surveys for ground, marshes, boreholes, analysis and profiling of ground contaminates, including providing optimal solutions through matching the technology and actual execution. Easytop offers its clients a total solution that includes profiling, execution and internment, resulting in substantial monetary savings for the client.

PID for the identification and screening for the extent of the contamination in contaminated soil at the time of excavation.

Easytop has the largest pit for the biological treatment of contaminated soil in Israel, located at the Ef-eh [Viper] Site on the Mishor Plain.

We also provide a nationwide transport service, trailer trucks and hazmat approved trucks, meticulously accompanied by professional dispatchers.

Easytop has skilled teams and experts deployed all over the country to conduct “surgical” excavations in contaminated ground, using special excavation equipment and special electronic gadgetry.